Friend-Cut // Friends Only (comment for friendship <3)

Okay so I haven't really been using my journal or keeping an eye on my flist as much as I used to lately but I'm starting to use my journal more again and now that I've friend-locked it I'm doing a friends-cut too since it's been a while. If you want to stay on flist or if you want me to cut you from it let me know here, I honestly won't mind if you want me to cut though since, if we've not got much in common any more then it makes sense really :)


And anyone who has just come across my journal, I'm making this friends only but I'm a friendly sort of person so if you want to be flist buddies comment somewhere and I'll add you ^^

About me... my name is Alice, I'm eighteen, I live in England and I'm just about to start my last year of A-Levels and I plan on studying Eng Lit at uni next year (fingers crossed!). My absolute life goal is to write for TV one day... ah a girl can dream ^^ I love French films and Disney films, I make amazing cupcakes and I simply don't wake up unless I've had a decent amount of caffeine. I'm treated for bipolar II but I try not to let it monopolize my life. Also I'm a massive fangirl, especially of  Supernatural, Dragon Age, Sherlock and Doctor Who, I occasionally write fanfiction for the first two (though all fanworks are left unlocked).

I'm bisexual so I don't want you to add me if you are even a teeny bit homophobic. Reeeally. And same goes for anyone who is going to be spiteful or try and cause drama, please no. Outside of that then let me know if you want to be friends :D
cas is too sexy

Will dance for hugs!

Good evening awesome people!

Care to be awesomer and make a bid over at help_pakistan ? You can bid on fic, art, delicious homemade fudge, fanmixes, icons, translations, stunning jewelery... Basically any skill that the fine upstanding citizens of Livejournal might possess, you can buy for your very own usage! Bids go towards charities and aid agencies providing aid in Pakistan to help relieve the devastating effects of the 2010 floods which have displaced over 20 million people.

I've offered to write a fic for Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural or Dragon Age: Origins of at least 2000 words here and there are plenty of other offers of various things here

Let the power of cakey Doctor compel you!



cas is too sexy

Fic: White Lies Like Cyanide

Title: White Lies Like Cyanide
Fandom: BBC's Sherlock
Pairing: pre-slash, mostly. Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13? Nothing explicit but very mild violence and some... horror possibly, one mild swear.
Word Count: 1933
Spoilers: Very general spoilers for episode 1.
Author's Notes: Based on ciaimpala 
's prompt at the sherlockbbc_fic  meme. No beta so I appologise in advance for any sloppy spelling and grammar mistakes.

Summary: John drinks poison intended for Sherlock.



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cas is too sexy

Socially Awkward Penguins, Dean/Castiel

Title: Socially Awkward Penguins
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, flicker of Sam/Gabriel
Summary: The first time Dean realised that their new neighbors weren’t just weird,  but were in fact really, really, really weird, bringing a whole new world of weird even, was a few days after the Novaks have moved in.
Rating: PG
AN: First even SPN fic so concrit would be massivley appreciated, written for a prompt over at comment_fic, unbetaed.
Disclaimer: Does not own.


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